Monday, May 6, 2013

Hallway Space Under $300

Our budget has been really, really tight for the last two years as we had been paying for Chris' MBA program and now that he has graduated, we are finishing paying off his loans. Our goal is to have them paid off by the end of this year. That's meant many of our house projects have been put on hold. I've had to be resourceful about making little updates. I did the only thing I could think of to come up with a little extra cash: start purging and selling. I went through our basement and closets and sold old books, toys, knick knacks, clothes, etc. I posted most of the items on Facebook yard sale pages and made a nice amount of cash over time. 

One small space I wanted to complete was our upstairs hallway. There's a nice little corner that overlooks our two story foyer. I purchased an accent chair for the space from Target, a decorative pillow from Target and a huge iron mirror from Home Goods. 

This mirror was excellent quality! It is real metal and weighs about 40lbs (had to weigh it before hanging). I saw it at Home Goods and really wanted it. I passed on it at first and then went back the next day. It was gone! I went back a few days later and I guess whoever had purchased it returned it. The back was a little damaged, so I asked for a discount. The doors on the mirror also open :)

Here's the grand total:  

Target Accent Chair $139
Home Goods Mirror $117
Target Decorative Pillow $17.99 


  1. It all looks so pretty and polished. Great job working with your budget!

  2. I love the mirror Marjorie. Seriously it was meant to be yours, what a story! I would love to redecorate some of our rooms, after 10 years I feel the need to switch things up, we'll see if it's in the budget.