Thursday, July 11, 2013

iPhone 5


I recently got the iPhone 5 from Verizon. I had the iPhone 4 perviously and was up for renewal soon. According to the employee at Verizon, June 20th I could renew. Not caring as much for the phone (knowing I was getting rid of it soon) I left it on the grass while the kids were playing outside. I pick it up as we go to head inside, and find the screen smashed. In like 100 pieces. 

No, worries I'm getting a new one in a week or two. June 20th rolls around and I head to the store for my new phone, to find out it was actually JULY 20th that I'm eligible to renew. Disaster. Then I start to wonder, how did it even break? Maybe it was just old? It had taken a lot of falls. My younger sister is playing with my kids and she says, "Christopher told me Evie dropped mommy's phone on the pavement and it broke." What? She goes on, he said "We decided not to tell mom because she would get upset." The truth comes out!

Eventually I did get the new iPhone 5. I wanted to compare it to the 4 for anyone shopping around. What's improved (according to me):
-Lighter weight
-Larger screen
-Voice reminders (for list makers like me!)
-Voice typed text messages (you can speak and it will type the message for you)
-LTE vs 3G (HUGE speed difference)
-More GB for added memory space

Now for my favorite accessory!! I have gotten so many questions about my waterproof/drop-proof case. It's worth every penny, especially if you have kids or are around water. It can be submerged up to 6 ft or dropped 6ft. No need for screen protectors either! It's MUCH lighter in weight than the Otter Box which my hubby has. Yes, I tested it under water too and it really works.

They also sell this which is such a novel idea! I wish I had an excuse to buy one. You need the Lifeproof case first, then you can buy the Lifejacket so your phone floats. Want to see it tested in real life? Here you go :)

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  1. I love that the iphone 5 is so much faster than the 4s, but I hate that the battery dies so quickly! I carry my charger everywhere because of it!