Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4, 2013

We spent the holiday week and weekend at my parent's beach house in Bethany Beach, DE. We did so many fun things.

 Like the pool and the park. We tried to go to two different beaches, but could not find parking :(

Chris went golfing one morning/afternoon and in return I said all I wanted was to take photos of the fireworks on the beach. Without the kids.

I'm just addicted to night photography: Christmas trees, fireworks, theme parks, gardens. Its a problem.

I had the coolest flag patterned dress, but didn't manage to get a decent photo of me wearing it. I could barely get these of the kids without meltdowns.

Desperate times call for desperate measures...I bribed her with a cookie so I could get a photo of her. I needed the photo. What else would I put in our yearly album?

The boys went mini golfing and to see Monsters University at the movies. I did a little shopping for some clothes at the outlets. We also went one night to Rehobeth Beach for rides for the kids. You can see all of those photos on Instagram @theblogofmj.
We also got a parking ticket in Rehobeth. We were parked legally within the yellow lines. We disputed the ticket and won! Lucky we had taken several photos of our car as proof. How did you enjoy the 4th? 


  1. I always take car proof photos, especially in Philly! So easy to do when you have a smartphone.

    1. What are car proof photos? Never heard of those before.

  2. I need to learn some night photography skills. We are going to Delaware for summer vacation this year, and it's my first time there. Any suggestions? We will be staying in Rehobeth, and hopefully spending a day in Cape May with my sister, so we're willing to travel a little tiny bit.

    1. I good tripod is a must! That and some patience with playing around with camera settings. That's why I never attempt with the kids. Also Rehobeth has cheap kiddie rides E would love! It's called Funland.