Friday, August 23, 2013

Stone Harbor 2013

We went on our annual family vacation the first week in August.

We had great weather and did lots of fun activities. My only regret was that I had two work commitments while on vacation. Lesson learned. In the future, I will not accept any photography work when we are away on leisure. I want to focus on my family, rather than stress about work.

We went to the beach everyday, headed back for lunch, Evie would go down for a nap and then I headed back to the beach with the boys.

Our room at the condo was set up perfectly. There was a bunk bed over a full (Chris and I took the full), Andrew took the bunk, and Evie slept on the pull out trundle. This was the first time we stayed at this particular condo, but it turned out to be better than our previous.

We went to the park a few times over the course of the week in the evening.

Shopping downtown at night. We brought two Christmas ornaments following our tradition (I'll be sure to post photos at Christmas). We also got a humorous piece of art which you can see on my Instagram @marjoriejonesphotography.

I did manage to make it out one night for photos on the beach. We also went to OCNJ's boardwalk for kiddie rides one night.

In all, it was a peaceful vacation with no mishaps (it has gotten easier now that the kids are a little older). Wish I could go back...


  1. Stop. You did not have three kids. You look HOT, mama. :) Beautiful pictures too!

  2. The pictures are stunning! What a lovely family vacation!

  3. Beautiful! Those photos make it look like you had the beach to yourselves!