Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Portraits 2013

Here's our annual family photos. I wanted to share them first here :) I invest in good family photos every year. It's worth every penny to me. I can't recommend it enough, even if you are a photographer, even if you have a friend with a "good camera," even if it takes awhile to save up. 

It takes so much pressure and stress off of me to know it's being handled by a professional. Looking through the photos, I realize there's so many shots I would have missed if I was behind the camera.
This was between setting up for the next photo. It puts a smile on my face because it's just so like Christopher. He's always doing his own little thing while there's chaos.

It's a million times easier to get your kids to laugh when you're not the one taking their photos.

I know a lot people say, "I can't afford it." Save a little each month. Make it happen. Trust me, you'll treasure what you get much more than most of the things you purchase throughout the year. 

 She was searching for Duke.

I was so glad Chris reminded me to ask for some couple shots of us. We were just about to leave.

Want to take a little trip down memory lane? Check out our 2012 and 2011 family photos.

*Taken by Dave Justo Productions


  1. I love your family. That pic of Christopher in the midst of chaos is adorable! definitely an oldest child ;)

  2. So beautiful! For me my professional family portraits are my one and only Christmas present, and I couldn't think anything else in the world I want more than to capture these memories. My favorite is the one of you kissing baby girl! It is gorgeous!

  3. I love how your pictures turned out! The blue looks very good on you guys. I'm with you- every year I invest in family portraits- it' so worth it to me!

  4. So nice to read a post like this!! As a photographer it's hard to get people to understnad how much they will value these things in the years to come. I'm a newly established photographer and you can get a whole session with a CD and prints rights for under $100.00 from me, and I have clients who think that's outragous! Glad I found your blog, I am your newest follower :) you can check out my facebook or website at or www.facebook/com/vcbphotography

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. I'm a photographer myself. My website is:

      Check it out! :)