Friday, November 1, 2013

Kindergarten at Home

I've been meaning to post on how Christopher's kindergarten program at home has been going. I avoid using the word "homeschooling" because while I'm teaching him at home this year, he will be going to public school for kindergarten next year too. I posted about that decision here.

We're using Calvert's Homeschool program and I love it more than I thought I would. Obviously being a certified teacher, I'm pretty particular about teaching methods, books, etc.

I decided to outline a standard day, just to give an idea of how the program works.

Discussion/Circle Time 

This usually consists of a discussion on the day's topic and reading a book on the topic (they give large lists of suggested reading based on the day/weekly theme). I reserve the suggested books each week and pickup/drop off at the same time. This day the weekly theme was: Play. How you played when you were a baby and how you play now, what they like to play, etc.

Reading Comprehension

Calvert provides many books with the cirruculum, so we read a few each week and then answer comprehension questions, draw pictures based on the book, etc. This book was Now I'm Big, a book about growing up and the differences between how kids play when they are little and big.

Reading Readiness

This is usually activities based on letters and letter sounds. There is normally workbook pages based on the letter/sound he learns. This day was the letter K.

Phonemic Awareness

This is usually rhyming words, letter sounds, building sentences/words.

Arts & Crafts

On this day it was homemade play dough.


This week it was classifying objects by shape, color, size, etc. There's both manipulatives and workbook activities.

Math Enrichment

A little harder/more time consuming. This day he was creating a chart classifying by colors.

Online Applications 

There are online activities every day in math and reading. It grades the work for you. There's games and videos as well for other subjects like science, health, computer, etc.

The program is very classically based. Most of the stories we read are nursery rhymes, fables, storybook tales, etc. Then mixed in is the suggested reading which is usually more modern, current children's literature.

How long is a typical day? They say it's a full day program, but to me is more of a half day program. I'm sure someone could extend the day more, it's flexible like that.


  1. What a great experience for them. Is Andrew going to be just one year behind Christopher? Great photos to capture a typical day!

  2. They will be a year apart in school. Christopher will be in Kindergarten next fall, Andrew the fall after that (he's a December baby so he misses the cut off).