Monday, December 30, 2013

Glamour & Boudoir Photography

I've been wanting to have glamour/boudoir photos taken for a few years. My sister had them done by Dawn Dougherty of Glamour & Boudoir Photography about two years ago which got me interested. I looked into it, but it seemed pricey. My 27th birthday was approaching and I started thinking about having them done again. I knew it was something I'd like to do before I turned 30.
This summer I contacted GB Photography to inquire about prices. They were certainly an investment. I thought about, felt guilty about it, searched other photographer's portfolios, but kept coming back to GB. Her work was so beautiful, natural and classy.
Finally in October I booked a session. It was such a wonderful experience start to finish! She has an all female staff which made me feel at ease.
When you arrive they do your hair and professional makeup. The makeup artist Shannon was so talented! She airbrushes your foundation and did two great looks.
You select a package based on the number of "looks." I selected the "two look" session, but we still did a lot of change ups for variety with the two looks I brought.
The black dress you see here was $10!!! It was on a sale rack at Charlotte Russe, missing a price tag and a button. They gave it to me for $10. The shoes I borrowed from GB Photography.
The jeans I had and the sweater is from American Eagle which I purchased with a gift card. I spent hardly anything on wardrobe.
They recommended having my nails professionally done and they are Essie's Mademoiselle. Seriously have to buy the shade because I loved it! The lipgloss is MAC's Snob.
Dawn coaches you through all the poses, so you don't need to worry about looking awkward. She also retouches every photo so you look flawless.
A black leather album was included with my session and it's gorgeous! I put it on my bedroom dresser. I also ordered a few prints.
The whole experience was so fun and a great memory. I'm going to treasure these photos and Chris was pretty pleased with them as well ;) Best birthday present I gave myself. 


  1. You look great in all the pics!! I always thought Boudoir was more raunchy but these are so classy!

    1. You could certainly do lingerie, but I went in a different direction with my session. Thanks!

  2. So beautiful! I like how you dressed in classic black and white for your two different looks. You are so beautiful and your hair looks perfect!!

    1. Didn't realize the white and black! I do wish I had brought nicer quality jeans.

  3. Love love!! Boudoir is so classy & a great husband present!! (And for ourselves too of course!)0 It's great to take some time to be feminine & sexy & beautiful "just because" :)