Sunday, January 5, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

Early in December we went to our annual breakfast with Santa at Longwood Gardens. It was all sold out for the 10am time slot, so my family got the 8:30am time slot. However, there was miscommunication and we thought it started at 8am. Being an hour and fifteen minutes away, that meant we got up VERY early. We got there around 7:30am and had an hour to wait.
It was lovely as usual. Buffet breakfast and then the kids can see Santa. This Santa was GREAT! So friendly, really took his time with each child, and if your child was difficult, had all these tactics to get them willing to take a photo.
Unfortunately, a huge snowstorm was coming that afternoon and we couldn't stay to walk around the gardens. Good thing we didn't because we got 8 inches of snow and heard that people that went out got caught on the roads for hours.
Love this tradition and hope we will be able to do it again next year :)

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  1. Beautiful kids! I never knew about breakfast with Santa. I will def look into this in the near future!