Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals for 2014

-Post more often on this blog and my photography blog

-Reach 700 likes on my Facebook page

-Complete furnishing and decorating family room

-Take the time to visit friends and possibly meet some other bloggers

-Spending 15 minutes a day relaxing in some way (bath, reading, trip alone to a store, etc)

-Learning to take better videos both for personal and professional use

-Continue to improve my skills with off camera flash

-Family camping trip once or twice this year

-Landscape our front yard

-Allow Chris to golf once a month

-Work on reading from the bible each day

-Potty train Evangeline

-Keep Christopher on grade level for reading

-Expand our family late this year or next (not a baby this year, but trying for another by the end of this year)

Here's my completed goals for 2013! 


  1. Fun goals! We want to expand our family end of this year too! I loved the three year spacing between X and L

    1. Nice! Yes, Evie will turn 3 in September. We'll probably start "trying" after that. Not rushing it though. May not happen till the following year and I'm fine with that. There would be a spacing of 4 years and that sounds good to me ;)

  2. Hopefully I can help you meet goal #4!

    1. Yes! Hoping we can meet up this year. Maybe Hershey Park?


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