Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Last in Diapers

I'm not wasting time getting started with my new year goals. Over Christmas vacation we brought out the training potty and undies for Evangeline (aka: last child in diapers).

People say potty training girls is easier. Not true. All depends on the child I think. The first few weeks we couldn't get her to go near the potty, she demanded diapers and would cross her legs when we tried to put on underwear. We tried the usual asking nicely, reading stories about the process, bribing, and begging to no avail. 

Then a week or two later I was finally able to get her sit on the potty till something happened and she went! She cried. She was scared, but we made a huge happy deal of it and that's it. She took off! Hardly any accidents, telling us when she had to go. 

However, she still refused underwear. She just wanted to go pant less which obviously was a problem. She requested "pony undies" and so I gave in and got some (we had just plain white training pants). 

Now, week four and she is taking trips without diapers. Huge progress in a short amount time. One downfall is public potty trips with a little girl are MUCH more gross than a little boy who can stand and go. While the boys had more accidents, they were trained by age two. She's on the older side to begin training (almost two and a half), but making faster progress than the boys did. 

Any other potty training mommies out there? How's it going? 


  1. We aren't making quite the same progress as you, but part of that probably has to do with the fact that I've never potty trained anyone before. He just wants nothing to do with the potty. :\

    1. That's exactly how she was when we started for weeks! Wouldn't go near it, but I think if you persist through it they eventually use it. I wouldn't give up.

      Also I've been reading your blog and trying to comment. Think I need to create some sort of account to comment?