Friday, January 3, 2014

Mary Kay Cleansing Brush

I ordered the Mary Kay cleansing brush for Christmas. For years I had been considering getting the Clarisonic cleansing brush. I heard mixed reviews on it and checked it out at Sephora. However, the price tag of $125 for the lowest model and the cost of replacement brushes deterred me.

Finally this year, I knew I wanted to purchase a brush. Usually I'm a name brand, top of the line buyer. I don't mind spending more if it's a difference in quality. Then I heard Mary Kay came out with a version and it had great reviews. It's smaller and lighter than the Clarisonic and rumored to have softer brushes, all for a third of the price. I bought it from a photography client I had this fall. 

I was very skeptical of the brand (I'm not a Mary Kay fan) and just using a cleansing brush in general. Here's my thoughts: 

Small and lightweight
Uses batteries 
Waterproof (can be used in the shower) 
Comes with 2 brushes
Has 2 speeds
Nice color
Quiet when on
Very soft brushes! 
Cost $50
Affordable replacement brushes
Consistent application

Battery door hard to open
Came with cheap batteries
Didn't come with any soap samples

I don't use it daily, I'm thinking I will use it bi-weekly or monthly? Not sure about the schedule yet, just taking it slow. My skin felt so clean afterward and a few hours later felt soft. My skin hasn't felt so good in years. I'll be interested to see the results over time.

Do you own a cleansing brush? How often do you use it? What's your favorite products for it?  


  1. I always enjoy your reviews and your honesty about your opinions.

    Have you used it while taking off make up? That is my favorite use of my brush. I have had the clairisonic Mia for two years now. I am pleased with it and now I am intrigued by the Luna cleansing system. I was surprised that you prefered regular batteries to a rechargeable system. Yes, the original clairisonic head is too strong and I use the delicate head on mine.

    ~ Laura R

    1. I don't use it to remove makeup because I don't want to scrub makeup deeper into my pores.

      I do prefer batteries to rechargeable system for two reasons: I like to keep all beauty products hidden in cabinets and I'm terrible at remembering to charge. I was pleased to have one less thing to charge.

      What is your favorite product to use as soap with the Clarisonic?

  2. I forgot to say I use my brush several times a week and especially to take off my make up which I only wear once or twice a week. My favorite products to use with it are boscia cleansing gel and origins never a dull moment. I do really like that you can use whatever you want to use with these brushes.

    ~ Laura R

    1. Ok, I want to use to again it's addicting! I'm trying to restrain myself because it says to take it slow at first. I'm definitely going to try to get samples of those. Thank you for the suggestions!

  3. I LOVE my Clarsonic Mia. I was using a cheap oil of Olay one (I think that was the brand) and it doesn't even COMPARE to the Mia. I use makeup wipes to remove my eyeshadow, then use my Mia. I use it daily, switching between Neutrogena Visibly Even cleanser one day, Obagi Clensiderm nonfoaming soap the other day. Then I use Witchhazel after every use. My skin looks so much better I don't have to use my topical acne cream as much.

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