Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wisdom Teeth

Last year I had my wisdom teeth removed and I've been meaning to blog about. Maybe there's other's out there who are older and debating having them removed like I did, so I wanted to share my experience.

My wisdom teeth were fully in and I could have left them (I wasn't in pain anymore), but the dentist mentioned that they could cause problems later in life.
I had them pulled like a regular tooth which I would recommend. I didn't need to be put to sleep and recovery was much easier. The whole numbing process was horrible though. They use a huge needle and it goes from one side of the roof of your mouth to the other (gross feeling). Then they pulled the teeth quickly and I didn't even need stitches! I walked out of there in less than an hour and was feeling pretty good overall. I was given medications to prevent infection and a steroid to prevent swelling.

I thought I didn't need the steroid (I try to avoid taking any medications), so I didn't take it. Big mistake. After a few hours my tongue and cheeks swelled! My tongue was so swollen I was having trouble breathing and swallowing which was SO scary. I rushed for the steroid, but could barely swallow it. I thought I might need to go to the hospital or call an ambulance. Thankfully, the drug kicked in pretty quickly. Lesson learned though: take what the doctor prescribes. 

I was back to myself the next day and feeling fine. I just had to eat softer foods which I prepared for. I'm glad I had it taken care of and that I could have them pulled like a normal tooth. 


  1. If your wisdom teeth are impacted (stuck under the gums/not erupted or growing sideways under the gums in many cases), it's quite a different story. They have to be cut out, and you can't be awake for that kind of pain. :)

    1. Yes, correct! I should have mentioned that. Mine were not impacted and fully erupted, so they could be pulled out rather than cut out.