Thursday, February 6, 2014

Canvas HQ

*I was NOT sponsored for this post
When we made over our master bedroom, I moved our wedding photo that was over our fireplace to our room. I felt our wedding photo was better suited in our room, and a family photo better for our family room. I really wanted a large canvas (the number one mistake people make purchasing canvases is they get one too small), but didn't think it would be affordable. A photographer friend suggested Canvas HQ
A 32x48 inch canvas came to $153 total with a 25% off coupon! We chose the odd size because we wanted to keep a 4x6 ratio, so as to keep as much of the original image as possible. 

There's the option to have a traditional 1.5in edge or a thinner .75in. We went with the thinner to save money. I'd prefer a larger print vs a thicker print for the money. Also we considered longevity of the canvas and because the kids are so young and grow quickly, it really will be displayed for only 2-3 years at the most before it would need updating. Another reason we didn't want to spend the extra money for a thicker wrap. 
It's a perfect fit and focal point for the room. I'm so impressed with the quality of the canvas (for best results upload an image at full quality from a DSLR). 
The light fixture is the Ikea Maskros and there's a post coming all about it! 


  1. Your house is incredible! I wonder how many people pin it on Pinterest!

    1. Thank you! I just installed a Pin It button so people can share on Pinterest easier.

  2. your home is so pretty, Marjorie! :) love the canvas too...thinking of getting one when we move!

  3. i love it. canvas is the way to go i're making me want to order another!