Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hitting on my Husband

Not me, someone else did and it's too outrageous not to share! I don't usually post topics like this, but it gives me a good laugh and makes my blood boil just thinking about it. 

About two weeks ago someone Chris knew from high school friended him on Facebook. No big deal. A day or two later she sends him a private message. This was a little strange since they never talked or were friends in high school, just attended the same school. 

Her message was short and sweet. Small talk, with a lot of flattery about how cute and adorable our kids are. Chris shows me annoyed and says he won't respond (he can be really lazy). I naively tell him he should respond and thank her for the kind words, so he begrudgingly does. 

She writes back. More small talk asking where he lives and works. Talking about her kids (she's single). Weird, but he responds briefly and says something along the lines of hope you're well (aka: stop messaging). 

She responds again this time flirting with a bunch of "lols", more flattery about the kids, and then "What's your number these days? Mine is xxx-xxxx." She goes on say she wants to call him and chat? What?! Needless to say he didn't respond. 

I'm not worried or threatened at all because we both are strongly rooted in our faith and very happily married, but I'm shocked there are people out there that do this. Neither of us plan to have any communication with her. I'm sure she's doing the same approach with other, possibly married men which makes me furious. 

Has anyone else experienced having someone hit on their boyfriend/husband/? How did you react and what did you do? 


  1. Had the EXACT thing happen to me last week with a guy from high school!! Got to a third message too, when he started going on about (repeatedly) about me being the one who got away...mind you, we "dated" for maybe two wks. Almost 20 yrs ago!! Ezra was pretty mad, and mr. Weirdo-stalker was promptly unfriended. Totally grossed me out by seeing my kids, knowing I am happily married, and STILL trying to pick me up! :/

    1. Wow, that's crazy! It's really sad that people can see someone's kids and family, and still pursue someone.