Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beauty Blender Review

*This was NOT a sponsored post (I'm not popular enough for those). Haha! 
I decided to give the raved about Beauty Blender a try. Here's a short video on how to use the sponge. I purchased it from Sephora.

The last two years I have been using MAC's 130 stippling brush to apply foundation. It was great because the brush lasted two years and the foundation looked airbrushed. However, it was a pain to clean, foundation took a good deal of time to apply, and the brush was expensive. When it came time for a new brush, I figured I'd give the Beauty Blender a try.

Here's my review:

Applies foundation SO quickly!!!
Hands never touch your face (dip pointed edge into bottle of foundation)
Applies thin coat of foundation
Affordable at $19.95
Easy to clean
Easy to use

Gets stained
Only last a few months (1-3 months)
Noticed pink dye when washing
Tears easily

Overall, I'm conflicted about buying it again. I'm torn. It applied foundation so quickly that I'm able to wear makeup more frequently because it shortened my routine. The foundation staining and dye leaking from it when cleaning bothered me. I may try the black Beauty Blender to see if that is an improvement with those issues.

Have to tried the Beauty Blender? Love it or hate it? 

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  1. I just bought the real techniques sponge and had pretty much the same thoughts as you did, although there wasn't any dye issue coming off and it's only $5.99 at ulta, so much more economical for something that lasts just a few months.