Monday, June 16, 2014

Eastern Caribbean Cruise [St. Maarten]

This was another island we had previously visited on our honeymoon.
It's a favorite of most cruisers probably because there is shopping right along the beach, vibrant colors and beautiful beaches.

Along the ship's pier there are islanders that are extremely pushy about selling you a beach chair and umbrella. We declined, but they try to follow you to the beach and convince you.

There's a lot of culture at this island which makes for great photos.

Loved this random teddy bear we found sitting here.
This beach was much less crowded than our stop at St. Thomas.

We went back to the ship for lunch and then returned for some shopping. You take a "water taxi" to and from the ship which gives good views for photos.

The kids each got a small present on the cruise and this was Evangeline's.

We took a photo in front of this sign at our honeymoon :)

We got a family photo! Had to laugh because the man taking the photo said it came out blurry. I use special lenses so I thought he missed focus, but when I looked at the photo it was clear. The man was all confused saying to him it looked blurry. Finally, I realized the problem: my viewfinder is adjusted for my vision, so when he would look through it to take the photo it looked blurry. 
We spent the final two days of the cruise at sea and headed home for the long drive back to NJ on Sunday morning. It was an incredible trip and I'm hoping to put together all the GoPro clips I got to create a video soon!  


  1. What's with the "candid" bikini poses??

    1. Thank you! They weren't candid. My husband wanted to take a few of me, so I posed :) I'm proud of my body after three kids.

  2. i had a stopover there two years ago but never stayed on the island, now i wish i had! the water is so beautiful...