Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eastern Caribbean Cruise [St. Thomas]

St. Thomas is one of my favorite islands we have visited over the years. It's a U.S. Virgin Island with crystal clear water and trees along the beach. This was supposed to be our second stop, but due to bad weather (high waves) our ship didn't stop at the first port in the Bahamas. 
To reduce costs on the cruise, we decided not to do any excursions and just take a taxi to our favorite beach, Magen's Bay. It was rated the third most beautiful beach in the world. It's surrounded by mountains, the beach is lined with trees, and the water is warm and clear. Unfortunately, it was very crowded the day we visited. 
The taxi bus ride there is about 20 minutes and $8 per person one way. We did know this beforehand. However, 5 minutes before we reach the beach, the taxi driver pulls over and starts asking us to pay both ways and pressing us for what time we plan to leave the beach so he can drive us back. It really doesn't matter when everyone leaves because there are dozens of taxis, but he wanted to ensure we would ride his bus so he could make the fare. It was a very annoying 15 minutes of wasted time, with passengers new to the island arguing about when to leave. Needless to say, we took a different taxi back.

The kids LOVED this beach. There are tiny waves and the water is so warm. We stayed for a few hours enjoying.

The boys found a few pieces of coral and some nice shells.
 Evie's bathing suit is from Janie and Jack (we had so many people ask).

After the beach, we headed back to the ship to shower and change so that we could do some shopping in the town.
This was the ship's pier (below) at St. Thomas. The boy's polo shirts are from Walmart :)

If you haven't been to any Caribbean islands before, the shopping is primarily: diamonds, jewelry and designer watches. We weren't in the market for any of those items, so we just looked.
Had to get a photo of us in our blue rompers. Seriously great for trips because they pack easily.
At one of the stores, Evie accidentally broke the tiniest plastic turtle. We go to pay for it and they tell us it's $8.99?! I didn't question it because I was upset, but afterward I wondered if we got ripped off.
The ship leaves most islands around 4-4:30pm. We headed back for dinner and entertainment on the ship :)

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  1. Such beautiful beach pictures! The Caribbean water is incredible!