Monday, June 23, 2014

5 Favorite Mary Kay Products

1. Cleansing Brush this is the #1 product from Mary Kay. I've blogged it's praises before, and six months later it's still going strong. It's just a great value at $50 with batteries and two cleansing heads. It's waterproof and has two speeds. Better value than the Clarisonic.

2. Au Natural Lipgloss I hosted a MK party and the beauty consultant was wearing this shade. I loved it and purchased. The photo color isn't accurate. It's a neutral biege, perfect for summer. It applies like a MAC lipgloss.

3. Oil Free Make Up Remover I got this product for free for hosting a party. It has a waterlike consistency, doesn't feel oily or sticky, odorless and doesn't burn. It worked as well as the Estée Lauder fomula I've used in the past.

4. Satin Hands Kit this is a product I have not purchased. I tried a sample at my party and was so impressed. I have very dry hands and this made them look and feel great. I'll be purchasing this in the fall/winter.

5. Travel Roll Up Bag this is another product I don't own, but I've seen two consultants with it. The quality impressed me. The bags are removable/washable and it comes with a metal hook for hanging when traveling. It rolls compact.

*My sister and fellow blogger Perpetua came to my MK party and loved their products so much that she became a consultant! All the links above connect through her to purchase. I was NOT sponsored for this post. 


  1. I've had the travel roll up for years (like 10+) and it's great. Just a bit bulky to try and take in a smaller suitcase or carry on. I'm really curious about the face brush- do you think it has helped your skin?

  2. I don't have problem skin just the occasional blemish/breakout. It's hard for me to say how it would work for someone with skin issues. I use the brush about once a week to deep clean after wearing makeup. I remove my eye makeup, hand wash my face, and then use this brush. What I found was that there was so much foundation still in my pores even though my face looked clean. Gross! The brush was covered in foundation which I didn't realize was in my pores.

    You can use any soap product you'd like with the brush. I normally use Purpose and about twice a month, I'll use Mary Kay's microdermabrasion set.

  3. I LOVE the feel the Nourishine Lip glosses! I think it must be the Vitamin E in them. That shade Au Naturel is also my favorite too :) I was so upset they recently discontinued it! But many consultants still have it in their inventory so it will probably be available for a few more months. A new shade that has recently been released that is similar is Sun blossoms.

    I recently got the cleansing brush and have been so happy with it. Maybe i'm on a lucky streak but i haven't had a single pimple since i started using it! Blemishes are not match for gentle exfoliation!