Friday, July 18, 2014

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer

*This is NOT a sponsored post

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, the "Holy Grail" of concealers and with a hefty price tag of almost $40 I had high expectations. I should put a disclaimer first that I have mild under eye circles. I've tried MAC and L'Oreal concealers in the past and was very disappointed.

This concealer works differently from most, in that you apply in two steps. The lighter color brightens under eye areas. The second step works by applying a darker salmon color to reduce bluish/purplish under eye circles. The salmon color is worth it's weight in gold. It looks much more natural than the stark white of most concealers on the market.

•No parabens, water free, fragrance free
•High quality packaging with mirror compact
•Works in TWO steps unlike most concealers
•Natural looking when applied
Astaxanthin treatment included

•Expensive (I waited for a sale and got it for $12)
•Long shipping time
•Worked best out of concealers I've tried, but still not amazing

Overall, I'm open to trying other concealers. This didn't feel like "the one" for me and I'm not exactly sure why. It was good, but not great. I may just try the medium salmon concealer in the future. The astaxanthin treatment made a big difference in reducing dark circles and improving the under eye area. I saw a noticeable difference after about two uses.

What concealers have you tried? What has worked the best for you? 


  1. I've been wanting to try this but I won't rush to try it now, which is a good thing, since I just bought a new concealer! I have Bobbi Brown Corrector. I don't have terrible circles though, so I just pat it on with my finger. I like it. I especially like it since it sticks to eye primer. When I need it to last for a wedding or something important I just throw some NARS eye primer under my eyes and the Bobbi Brown lasts all day!

  2. I wish to try that at $12 but never see the price down as that :(
    what's the occasion? How come that down to $12? So next time I can pay more attention to it!