Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2015 Planner

I was planner junkie in college (they were a necessity back then before smartphones). I had The Original Student Planner all four years at LaSalle and it was amazing. Stickers to place on the calendar that said "Assignment Due," "Final Exam," "Test," etc. Sections for work, school and social life. If you're in college or grad school, you have to get this award winning planner.

I haven't had a planner since. Then I registered Christopher for school and I was inundated with calendars, deadlines, events, registrations, etc. On top of that, it's the beginning of busy season for my photography business, the boys are playing soccer and Evie is in ballet. I needed to get things organized. 
DO use my iPhone calendar which syncs to my iMac, but the trouble is events appear as a dot. Just looking at my calendar I can't tell if those dots are important or insignificant without clicking into EACH one. It also doesn't work well for to-do lists. It doesn't automatically include holidays which has caused scheduling problems in the past.

I purchased the Kate Spade Gold Dots Agenda in large. They were sold out of medium. It was $36. 
• Hardcover, cute design
• Monthy calendars 
• Tabs for each month
• Days of the week with note section
• Folder pocket at front 
• Spiral binding 
• Cover strap

• No to-do list (I did find this companion
• No hourly breakdown of each day
• No meal planning section 
• Calendar layout is small 

I was considering The Day Designer for the features like hourly breakdown of each day, to-do list every day, dinner menu section and don't forget box. The cons of this planner were no tabs, no cover strap, bulky and big price tag. It was also constantly out of stock. I'm open to purchasing it in the future, especially if life gets more complex. 

Do you use a planner? What have you tried and liked or disliked?


  1. So cute !!!! I need one of these !!!

    ~ Lu

  2. After using this for a year, what are your thoughts? Will you repurchase?

    I came across this planner and really like the look of it, but it is higher in price than I was hoping.


    1. I just did not end up using the planner as much as I thought I would, so for that reason I will not repurchase.