Monday, September 22, 2014

Changing Blogspot to a Custom URL

You might have noticed my new blog layout and .com address. I wanted to share some tips on how to change your blogspot to .com.

Step 1: Purchase Domain

GoDaddy had domains on sale for $1 per year! Go to their website or any other domain provider and search for your preferred domain. Keep it easy to remember, spell, and related to your blog or even better your name (you always wanted to brand yourself). 

Step 2: Access Blogger and Domain Accounts

There are many people that offer to convert your blog URL for you, but it's simple and easy to do yourself. You'll need access to your blogger and domain provider account, so sign into both and proceed through each step listed below.

Step 3: Insert Needed Information 

Follow the step by step process listed by Blogger in this article. It's simple and requires copying and inserting the two CNAMEs for your blog into your Domain Name System (DNS). Click save.
Step 4: Wait

It will take ONE hour for your address to go "live," so be patient. After an hour, if your URL isn't working or showing an error message, check that you copied the CNAMEs correctly. I was off by one digit on my first attempt.

Step 5: Enjoy

The best part is anyone who uses your old URL will be automatically redirected to your new one! 

Why use a custom URL? It's easier to remember, attracts quality advertisers, gives a cohesive look and brands your blog. 


  1. Thanks for posting about this! I love your new look, and look forward to customizing my blog sometime in the future!

  2. It was very inexpensive! I spent under $35 for everything (layout and domain). Wish I hadn't waited six years to do it.