Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bohemian Look

I'm not a fashion blogger (like Cara Loren, Grace, Audrey or Sydney), but I thought it would be more organized to do a separate post with my photos and look sources from our family portrait session.

This photo was right before I fell in waist deep. I went to sit down and lost my balance. The water was so gross! I'm talking two feet of mud, dead leaves, bugs and debris. Not to mention it was freezing. Thank goodness we were headed on a weekend trip, so I happened to have a change of clothes in the car.

My photographer friend totally used me falling in as an excuse for me to get in the water for some photos. It took a great deal of convincing because I was afraid of bugs or frogs or snakes, but finally I obliged.

I went to put my hand on this tree and right as I did a huge spider climbed up. Literally still gives me chills thinking about it.

This photo is my favorite and made the whole ordeal worth it.
Sandals: Target  |  Dress: Kohl's  |  Feather Necklace: Claire's  |  Rose Headwrap: Claire's

*Photos taken by Dave Justo Productions


  1. I'm with ya, you're brave for getting into that water!! But totally worth it... the photos are stunning and love what you wore. That flower crown was the perfect touch! xo

  2. I just accidentally stumbled upon your blog when I googled something about Bath and Bodyworks candles lol! I'm sure glad I did! I love it. This post was awesome! Your photos turned out incredibly beautiful but I would have been the hell outta there lol ��., you're one brave cookie! I've recently started my own blog, feel free to stop by! Really glad I found yours!