Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Room Mom

There's so much to blog, I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with Kindergarten Orientation. I knew the moment I walked into the classroom, everything was going to be good. His teacher had the classroom decorated with balloons, welcome packets and treat bags for each student. She was dressed up for the occasion in a dress and heels:)
The school works as a team for each grade level sharing resources and each class has a theme for the year. Christopher's class theme is the bumble bee, so the classroom decor/organization is all based on that theme.
The first day of school he got onto the bus and didn't even look back to wave. That was bittersweet. I knew he was ready, but wasn't quite ready emotionally.
Here's some detailed info for those interested:

-Classes are half day

-Bus picks up at our house/drop off at corner

-Christopher has the pm session

-They have library, gym, spanish, music and computer lab once a week

-"Handwriting Without Tears" for penmanship

-Harcourt Math Expressions

-Harcourt Reading

-Writing portfolios

-3 field trips this school year (farm, post office and library)

-1-2 special events in the classroom per month

-1-2 special school events per month

-Homework packet is due at the end of the week

-Monthly calendar with mini assignments for each day is due at the end of the month

There was a lottery to be one of the two room moms in the classroom. I got selected in the drawing because I was the only one that signed up. It was a little overwhelming with responsibilities and I was thinking what did I get myself into when I received the congratulatory email. Then I just went right into my teacher planning mode and began pinning activities and shopping for supplies ;) 
As room mom, I attend field trips, class parties, coordinate events for the class, volunteer for school events, email parents event information and ask for classroom donations. VolunteerSpot is a great resource for collecting donations! You do not need to create an account to sign up to donate and organizers can list specific needs (food, drink, supplies) which are marked once they are filled to prevent doubles of items.

I'll have an update in another month or two after parent/teacher conferences and events. Any Room Moms reading that have words of advice? 

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  1. Definitely not the Room Mom but kudos to you for taking that on! I don't know how you do it!