Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas 2014

It felt like the Christmas season went by so quickly this year. I think because this was the first year we had school events on top of commitments to family and friends.

We hosted Andrew's birthday party, ran holiday mini-sessions, I was the second shooter for a last minute wedding, enjoyed a neighborhood cocktail party, coordinated two holiday parties for Christopher's classroom, visited Santa for a Chik-fil-a event, went to a local farm to select a tree, wrote letters to Santa and drove around local towns to look at lights. 

I was looking forward to Christopher's winter break, so that we could go to Longwood Gardens and bake cookies. Unfortunately, I caught a stomach bug the day before Christmas Eve and those plans never happened. I am grateful I was better by the next day, so that we could attend Mass with my family and exchange presents with my parents. 

We got home earlier on Christmas Eve so that the kids could sprinkle reindeer food outside, read a Christmas story, and put out cookies and milk for Santa. 

I had all these grand photo and videos ideas for Christmas morning. You can imagine my disappointment when we woke up that day and it was extremely overcast. My camera functions very well in low light. There was no light. We thought maybe we could wait a few hours and it would clear up, but according to the forecast on our phones that wasn't expected till 3pm. 
I was left with no choice, but to use flash. I avoid flash like the plague. I joked with Chris I should hashtag all the photos #photographerschristmasnightmare

The kids each got 2-3 toys and a special present from the Elf on the Shelf (purchased by Gran).
I made a fancy breaksfast at home and then we headed to visit Chris' mom's for Christmas dinner.

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