Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Health Update

It's been one year since my diagnosis with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, so I wanted to give an update. I was feeling great with treatment through the spring, summer and fall of last year. However, right before the start of winter, I began getting symptoms back again (dry hands, night sweats, heart palpitations). I called my endocrinologist and he ordered blood work and sure enough my TSH was elevated again. Thankfully, my T4 was doing well at a high normal level. I've read online that the cold of winter can cause symptom flare ups. I'm feeling good now on a slightly increased dose of medication and I'm hoping my dose will be decreased once it warms up.

The good news is that my yearly routine blood work (which I hope everyone reading has done), came back great! My cholesterol went down significantly. It was on the high normal range last year before I was diagnosed which really concerned me. I eat very healthy, I'm not obese and get a fair amount exercise. I knew it was the disease that elevated it. It seems the medication had a positive effect on bringing it back to the low normal range. I wanted to mention this because many thyroid forums scare people into thinking that medication causes tons of negative side effects. That has not been the case for me. 

I'm using many natural remedies alongside of medication too. I had my Vitamin D levels tested since research indicates that people with HT have low levels. Sure enough, mine was low. I'm now taking this supplement and hoping my levels increase with it, along with more sun exposure. I have noticed much more energy since I began supplementing. I shared additional supplements/natural remedies in this post.

I found two great resource pages on Facebook that post up-to-date research articles: Hypothyroid Mom and The National Academy of Hypothyroidism. Just a word of caution that when checking out these thyroid pages you will find the majority of people commenting are negative. They constantly complain about their symptoms, complain about their doctors and insist medication doesn't work. I don't read the comments. Having this disease and taking medication has not ruined my life! Don't let them ruin your's or make you paranoid.

I visit the endocrinologist next week and I'm hoping to find a naturopathic doctor for an evaluation/food allergy testing. I'll update this post next week after my visit!


  1. Has it been a challenge trying to conceive with HT? I remember in your goals post you said you wanted to expand your family this year.

    1. HT can cause a variety of symthoms and it varies for each individual. Thankfully, I did not experience depression, weight gain, joint pain or fertility problems. I had hair loss and night sweats primarily, but those have subsided with medication.