Thursday, May 7, 2015

Beauty Blender vs. Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush

How do you apply foundation? Hint: You should never use your hands! Using your hands spreads bacteria and also applies foundation unevenly. The past year, I was using the Beauty Blender to apply liquid foundation which you can read all about here. It just wasn't "it" for me. The high price, low durability, staining, leaky dye and difficulty cleaning left me searching for a new method to apply foundation. 

I decided to purchase the Sigma Flat Kabuki on the recommendation of nearly every YouTube makeup artist. It was $24 which is a steal in comparison to the Beauty Blenders which are $19 every few months. My first impression was surprise at how soft it was for a brush! The density of the bristles is excellent too, very thick. 

The biggest difference is that the Kabuki applies foundation with thicker coverage. I felt the Beauty Blender always applied liquid foundation too sheer. If I'm taking the time to apply liquid foundation, I want meduim to full coverage. The Kabuki can also be used to apply mineral foundation, the Beauty Blender can not. Like the Beauty Blender, I find the Kabuki brush works best when you slightly moisten it with water before using.  

Cleaning the Kabuki brush is a breeze! I use a little coconut oil and mild soap. No staining, no wondering if it's fully clean, and it doesn't lose bristles. I've used MAC brushes and while they are constructed wonderfully, they do shed. I've never had one bristle shed from my Sigma brushes.

My only regret was that I waited so long to purchase the Kabuki brush. I should have tried something new after the first Beauty Blender quit on me. I would have saved money and spared myself breakouts.

What's the current way you apply foundation? Has anyone tried BOTH the Beauty Blender and Sigma Kabuki brush? What did you prefer and why? 

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