Thursday, May 7, 2015

Naturopathic Doctor

It's been too long since I've updated how my appointments went! As I mentioned in my previous health update, I decided to try a naturopathic doctor. What's that? It's a doctor that uses natural medicine.

I'm feeling very good with thyriod treatment, but I don't want to just "treat" this disease. I want to find the cause of it and combat it with natural treatments too and hopefully go into remission. 

I went to a highly rated NP doctor in PA. It was a very small, crowded place and I waited an hour to be seen! I was really nervous and considered leaving during the wait. Finally, I was taken back and right away I knew this doctor would be good. She suggested all the tests I was looking for, but my GP refused to provide: allergy testing and vitamin level testing. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease. Allergies or reactivity to foods can trigger an immune response, so knowing those foods you react to and eliminating them helps. 

I had blood allergy testing done at this visit. My results all came back negative. My levels were at zero for all allergies. Zero means completely undetectable levels of immune response. I was especially curious about common autoimmune triggering foods I read about like corn, eggs, and cheese, but no allergies. I know many people follow the autoimmune protcol diet when they get diagnosed with autoimmune dieseases, but it's better to only eliminate foods if they show up through allergy testing. You aren't getting a balanced diet, if you are cutting out most of the foods in the food pyramid.

While I wasn't surprised to see the results (I just had a gut feeling I wasn't allergic to anything), I was disappointed that food allergies weren't the cause of this disease for me. It is for some people and once they eliminate those foods, they go into remission. I've had nearly every test done to find the root cause of this disease and take every recommended supplement.

I'm left with what I originally believed triggered it. Pregnancy. I think in my case, there is a genetic link and that got triggered in the post-partum period after I had Evangeline. I've heard countless stories that are the same to mine. The immune system shuts down during pregnancy and tries to restart after birth. Something went wrong in that process for me. Researchers need to stop looking at food causes so much (particularly gluten) and pay more attention to the genetic component and the connection between Hashimoto's and pregnancy.

In the meantime, I'm feeling pretty good and everything has checked out normal! 


  1. Hi Marjorie. My cousin is currently in a bad state due to the same problems. She's done so many tests, blood work, eliminations, etc, but nothing is helping. Can I ask which doctor you went to? We are from Philadelphia.

    1. Narberth Family Medicine operated by Dr. Andrew Lipton

  2. This is so fascinating to me. I love your perspective and i completely agree - I am so tired of hearing Gluten demonized and blamed for everything. And the "placebo effect" that people experience after they eliminate it is so obnoxious! I completely, 100% agree with your method to not eliminate things blindly!