Thursday, July 9, 2015

Family Portraits 2015

This post is a little early this year! We took a trip to Disney World in June and I was reading blog posts, tips and tricks, and a few planning guides on how to make the most of our trip. Days before our road trip, I saw a post on Team Whitaker about how they had professional photos taken at a Disney Resort

I loved how her photos came out, so I contacted Portrayable Photography (the photographer she used) for information on booking. I ended up booking the session at 3am in our car the night we left for Florida!

I selected Disney's Boardwalk Resort for the photos because I loved the architecture, summer feel and how bright and clean it looked. Because it was short notice, I had the kids wear their Easter outfits for the photos.
We had a jammed packed week in Disney which I plan to blog all about, so we fit the session in mid-week at 7:30am. It was best to do a super early session to avoid some of the bright sun and heat.
Still, I should have been more aware that the humidity would cause my hair to get frizzy and opted to curl my hair rather than straighten it for the session.

It is uncharacteristic of me to do a themed photo session with props, but I figured when would we ever be in Disney again? Even if we did visit again, the kids would be too old for balloons and Mickey ears. 
I'm glad we included the balloons in the photos because they cost $34!

I can't say enough good things about our photographer Kimberly. She was so organized and professional and was able to accommodate us at the last minute. 
I'm so glad we decided to have a professional handle our photos because it took some of the pressure off of me to capture all the photos on our trip. I was able to relax a little more knowing that our photos were going to be taken at a specific time.
The temperature was near 99 degrees the whole week in Florida which greatly impacted my ability to photograph everything on our trip. Heat, crowds, long lines, a hectic schedule and tired/cranky kids isn't the perfect recipe for capturing good photos in the theme parks and resorts, so I'm thankful we had a formal session.
There are quite a few more photos that you can check out on my personal Facebook account. The album is public, so find me! 


  1. SUCH a great idea! Talk about the perfect souvenir!
    I love the photos taken on the blue cart!
    The one of you and your husband with the brick building in the background is just exquisite!
    $34 for balloons!?!

  2. Your family portraits came out beautiful! Such a great idea to get them taken at Disney to capture the memories! ~LR