Thursday, December 3, 2015

Best Cameras 2015

I frequently get asked for advice/suggestions on which cameras to buy for the holiday season, so I decided to compile a list of my favorites based on age and needs.  

Instax Mini 8-Perfect for the film lover. This is on my Christmas list this year to use for fun. It prints tiny photos instantly! Affordable choice for gift exchanges or teens.

GoPro Hero-The best choice for kidsteens, young adults or those that participate in high energy sports. This takes photos and videos. There are various models for different price points. It's waterproof, tiny (fits in the palm of your hand) and versatile. I own the Hero 3+ and I've taken about 200 video clips this year alone.

Canon S110-This is the best choice for parents and families. Many are purchasing DSLRs in hopes of taking better photos, but unless you purchase lenses or know HOW to use a camera manually a DSLR will not give your better results. Go with the less bulky point and shoot that you're actually going to use. 

Nikon D3300-Best for the amateur, hobbiest or photography student. They are the ones that will most benefit from this model. Unless you plan to purchase lenses or learn photography, save your money and get a high quality point and shoot like suggested above. Also, there is hardly any difference between the entry level Nikon DSLRs, so don't assume the higher priced models like the 5000 series are better because they cost more.  

Nikon D750-Top pick for the professional photographer. If I was purchasing a camera tomorrow, this would be my choice. Pros only for this model, as there aren't automatic modes and it is sold body only (no lens is included). 

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