Friday, December 18, 2015

Longwood Gardens 2015

We have season passes to Longwood Gardens (a historical garden/conservatory). It's an extremely popular tourist attraction, especially at Christmas. It was a hassle to reserve tickets, but I'm so glad we made it out this year!

We went two weeks ago to look at this year's Christmas display and take a few photos of the kids in their Christmas outfits. We did change them at Longwood after pictures into more comfortable/warm clothes, hence why the boys are wearing jeans with their sweaters.
There is a different color theme inside the conservatory each year. I think last year was white and this year it was blue which matched their Christmas clothes perfectly.

My only complaint was that they blocked off several paths which forced you to follow the tour line through the whole conservatory. It was very crowded and hot indoors from the crowds and there was no way to turn around once you started the tour. A difficultly with small kids. Hopefully, next year they will allow tourist the option to visit specific areas again outside of the tour.

I loved the concept of this frozen sprinkler water display.
One room off of the conservatory has furniture from the DuPont home staged, along with Christmas trees.
One of the the rooms in the conservatory displays Christmas trees placed in water. This year the trees were made of poinsettia plans which you can see in the background of these photos. 

After we changed the kids and put on coats, we headed outside around twilight to see the train display. They put out trains in the fall and have it decorated with fall mums and then change it to winter foliage with lights for the holidays. The specific trains are changed out a few times a day. This time they had Thomas and Emily running the tracks (my boys used to be huge Thomas fans). 

Once the sun set, it got very cold and the kids were getting tired. I wanted to get a few bokeh shots of the Christmas lights. I didn't bring my tripod this year for night shots, as they require you to fill out a permit to use one. 

Chris headed to the car with the kids while I took the time to get these shots. He doesn't have the patience to wait for me to take photos, especially in the cold. We used a gift card to go out to dinner afterward, so we had an enjoyable day and evening!

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