Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Storybook Land 2015

One of my favorite annual traditions in the fall is going to Storybook Land. I went there as a kid and now I take my kids! It's a small theme park located near the Jersey shore.
We go in October because hay rides, pumpkin picking and a corn maze are included in the admission price. We purchase tickets in the winter during their Early Ticket sale which helped cut the cost.
The weather has been unpredictable the last few years. Last year it was unseasonably warm summer-like weather. This year it was freezing! I had these cute plaid outfits with vests selected for the occasion, but it was so cold the kids wore winter coats throughout the park.
There was a new swing ride this year shaped like a tree.
This construction truck ride opened last year and the kids love it! They rode this ride twice.
They were all too scared to try the new Tick Tock Drop ride (based on Hickory Dickory Dock). We just settled for a photo in front of the ride.
They pet Mary's little lamb.
We also got a photo in front of the Three Pigs' house.
They moved the hay maze to a different location in the park this year with more space.
There is a numbered puzzle kids need to find the pieces for inside the maze. It's pretty challenging even for adults!
It was getting colder and colder as sunset approached, so we picked our pumpkins quickly after the maze. Chris and I didn't bring warmer coats.
We went out for dinner after our trip which was a fun way to end our day :) 

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